It's drowning me

in waves

pulling me down

i'm suffocated.

i haven’t slept in a couple days
my eyes are burning.
i thought from tiredness
but i blinked a bunch
now my cheeks are damp.
im crying again,
though im not sure why.

today a friend of mine said
“well he was a piece of shit
anyways. so don’t feel bad”
but that only makes me sad.

i ordered fifty dollars worth
of sweet bread online
when it arrives i cant eat it.

today has been weird.

maybe tomorrow will be better
if not— then maybe the next day
or the next one after that.

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the winds shifted.
there’s a storm coming.
how odd that it lines up
with the people
around me changing.
hm.. i think
there’s big trouble brewing

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i fucked us up
by fucking him
instead of fucking you.

i should’ve apologized
to you both
but i didn’t want too.

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maybe i’m just
not meant to have friends
and maybe
i’m just not meant
to hold conversations
maybe it’s because
i have nothing to say
or maybe sometimes
things just need to end.

maybe that’s okay
or maybe it’s not.
maybe my life is always
gonna be like this.
just a whole bunch
of second guessing
and sleepless nights

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i’ve been thinking a lot
and today he asked me
why do you even need friends?
and it made me think more
and more
and more
until my head hurt
and my heart was aching
and i concluded
that i don’t really know
the real point in having friends.
all i do know is that
i don’t like being so
fucking lonely all the time.

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this isn’t who I want to be,
but I have a sick fascination
with mentally abusing me.
how fucked up does one have to be,

before somebody actually cares?
i have not one goddamn person that listens.
just how much pain can one child bear!?
for once I want someone to hold me,

and wipe away these unsightly tears.
for someone to express their love
and chase away all my fears.

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fingertips skim your flesh
shivers of anticipation
coursing through your back
my fingers enticing the current,
your spine is my conductor.
i will bring you to life,
showing you the light
never seen before.

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Dear You

I wrote a dozen letters, each beginning with some cliché line about love or sexy mystery or confusing feelings. But the more I thought, the more I realized I don’t love you, because I don’t even know you. And how can I love what I don’t know? So instead I want to begin with;
Hello. It’s nice to meet you.

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I’m a piece of shit.
There’s nothing poetic
Or beautiful about it.
Just a plain and simple
Fact of life.

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