It's drowning me

in waves

pulling me down

i'm suffocated.

Dear You

I wrote a dozen letters, each beginning with some cliché line about love or sexy mystery or confusing feelings. But the more I thought, the more I realized I don’t love you, because I don’t even know you. And how can I love what I don’t know? So instead I want to begin with;
Hello. It’s nice to meet you.

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I’m a piece of shit.
There’s nothing poetic
Or beautiful about it.
Just a plain and simple
Fact of life.

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i can feel myself
becoming like you
more and more
every fiber and cell
warping, twisting
stretching, turning
my internal circuits
are being rewired.
you broke me
but don’t worry.
i will fix it.
i always do.

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my hands are shaking
i second guess everything
the pit of my stomach
has fallen out.
i have no restraints
nothing to hold me back
but absolutely nothing
is there to push me on.
i don’t want to try anymore.
i want to go to sleep.

i’m going to sleep
until i’m happy.

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in a moment of weakness
i’m going to relapse
with thoughts spinning.
my world is whirling
and i could care less
about everything
that’s been done to me.
and i can only
regret the things
that i am currently partaking in
lighting up one more
taking just one more hit
i keep saying
this is the last,
the last time,
this is the final time
that i’ll let myself slip up
the last that i’ll think
of these bad things.
the past things.
this was supposed to be the end
but i can’t help but worry
maybe this is a beginning
of something catastrophic.

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If it were a perfect world,
My body wouldn’t hurt and
My heart wouldn’t ache and
I wouldn’t feel like I’m gonna break.
It’d be cliche to say
The weight of the world is on my shoulders
But surely there has to be something
Much stronger than gravity, pushing
And pulling me down to the ground.

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i wonder
how you’d feel
if i disappeared
without a word.

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if you prefer to act like
i don’t even exist, fine.
if you’d prefer to pretend
there wasn’t ever a thing, okay.
if you’d prefer to forget
every memory we made together
i guess that’s alright too..
really, just..
whatever helps you sleep at night.

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you described me as spineless
and i can only agree
even after all this time
i do not have the guts
to stand up
and speak for myself.
still, i hope you’re happy.

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